About SemcoMama

Welcome to my blog and website. I’m a mother of five beautiful daughters and wife to an amazing husband. My passions include DIY projects, sewing, designing digital material and I’ve recently taken up gardening.

Since 2017, I’ve been running a business focused on sewing modern cloth nappies, sanitary wear, ergonomic baby carriers, and clothing.  Over the years I’ve also designed educational foundation phase workbooks for my own children, which I sold digitally and in hardcopy.  In 2021, I introduced my own cloth nappy pattern, and shortly thereafter, a cover pattern, both of which I sold as well.

Life has been exceptionally busy in recent years as I’ve balanced sewing, homeschooling, managing a household, and the responsibilities of being a mom. The steep costs of life prompted me to re-evaluate my plans and think about the lifestyle I really valued. I’m grateful because it allowed me to spend more quality time with my girls and husband, and embrace a slower pace of life once again.

I decided to open up my life’s work for all to use at no cost as my mission to help mothers obtain quality educational material and access it freely. Cloth diapers are also good for your budget and the environment.

I would like to thank everyone who supported me throughout the years, if it was not for you I would not have been able to get to a point in life where I am now able to offer my designs and work freely to others. I appreciate each and everyone of you.

Enjoy the material!