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Welcome to my blog and website. I’m a mother of five beautiful daughters and the proud wife of an amazing husband and father. My passions include DIY projects, sewing (it’s my sanity saver), baking sourdough bread, and I’ve recently taken up gardening.

To find out more about my family, me and how it all started started, visit my “about” page.

The start of our homesteading journey.

Ever since I can remember, my deepest desire has been to own my own piece of land—a place where I can breathe life into all my dreams…

Quality products made with a mother's touch.

Modern cloth nappies, ergonomical baby carriers, reusable sanitary products, mommy, baby and kids clothing, environmentally friendly products, fun educational products and so much more!

Some of our products

We make a variety of good quality products.

Better for the environment, kinder on your pocket.

Ergonomical, comfy and easy to use.

Dresses that will fit for 2-3 seasons and loved by every little girl.

Originally designed in 1997.  Very hippy and bohemian.

Latest Products

Eco-friendly, no smells, no chemicals and comfortable.

Popular Dresses

Learning should be fun!

Am I allowed to taste my nappy?😋

Reason for my asking is………
The first thing that popped into my mind when i opened the kitties is, IT’S MADE OF MARSHMALLOWS!!!!!🤤😍😱. It’s so super soft and squishy, I just want to take a bite. The white lining on the inside of the nappy, what material is that? It’s soooo soft. And the inserts omw, I’ve never felt anything so soft in my life, except for a fresh marshmallow 🤣. Mommies, Ttis nappy is so worth it, the fit the softness, the cuteness, it’s so darn adorable. I have no words to describe this nappy. SemcoMama, this is a master piece, I thank you💜💓💜💓💜
Leo-mari Van der Westhuien

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Byna n jaar gelede het ek hierdie pragtige rokkies by Louise gekoop vir die tweeling. Vandag is hul 5 jaar oud en MAL oor hulle nuwe verjaarsdag rokkies. Dankie Louise, dit is so pragtig gemaak 😍

Rencia Erasmus

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Fast service, great comms and amazing quality! By far one of the best fitting nappies we use and the clothes are top quality! You can’t go wrong!

Jillian Van Niekerk

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Since we have bragging rights😁 EK SO EXCITED HIEROOR!
IMPOSTERS!!!♡♡ MY own little imposter in her own imposter nappy 😁🤪
She also decided to show of her brand new cloth with standing unassisted for the first time when I tried to get a photo, and followed with a poop of approval 🤣 (hence the terrible shots I got..more to follow)
The colours are ON POINT.
The ‘putting the nappy on a croc’ is as EASY as it gets with the AI2 system.
Thank you Boegoe Bugz! You can expect more orders in the near future♡ this is amazing!
The nappies are worth ever cent!♡
Debbie Van der Westhuien

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